Pay Per Quantity Service

Advantages from rendering the labor contract with high quality services:
Beyond Edge.C0.,Ltd. is pleased with the presentation of our service rendering for your alternative choices in consideration to choose for the utmost utilization of your company. Those are the services providing for the contract or engaged work pieces.

Those services are of great benefits in various aspects as follows:

• Reduction on the personnel administration in many divisions.
• Ability to fix the exact expenses.
• Reduction on instrument & equipment expenses.
• Ability to reduce company costs.
• Reduction on the labor union issues of company.
• Reduction on the work force rate.
• Ability for time scheduling in delivery the work.
• Reduction the workload from the superiors or supervisors.
• Reduction the expenses on the damages of work piece.

All presentation above, those are the only partial offer you can get from Beyond Edge.Co.,Ltd. In addition, the service charges / fees can be calculated from the work piece, delivered under the standard of predetermined quality only. The service rendering of the contract / engaged work piece can be made whenever the quantity of work piece or commodities is sufficiently large. Moreover, if only there are the work pieces remaining in the stock. Remarkably: the characteristics of the contract / engaged work piece are suitable for the type of packaging, quality examining, work piece selecting, decorating and improving, sticker fixing, as well as the merchandise arranging for the exhibition.